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The Cast

Picture of Bernhard goes here!
Bernhard: A far too dedicated fan of far too many things, Bernhard knows just enough about virtually everything to be really annoying. He may be a genius, but few would ever notice as he lacks common sense, self-preservation instincts, and a clue. He is a Mac enthusiast and tends to favor Nintendo consoles (and will lecture for hours on how wrong it is that the long “O” at the end isn’t indicated), though like Jeff he has a special fondness for the Dreamcast.
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Jeff: Also a far too dedicated fan of far too many things, though not necessarily the same things - for example, Jeff likes Pro Wrestling (he knows it’s fake, but is able to laugh at it for more than five minutes) and hates Supermarionation - and generally not to the same extreme, notable exceptions being Buffy, all things Henson, and any movie adaptation he considers “blasphemy.” He is a dedicated PC users and tends to favor the Xbox, though like Bernhard he has a special fondness for the Dreamcast.
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Mikeegee (
no relation): A friend of Bernhard and Jeff who manages the local multiplex, Mikeegee (pronounced “Mikey” and with a soft “G”) is also a fanboy, but has less time for such pursuits due to a more-than-fulltime job and being married (though fortunately not to a mundane). So far he’s appeared in the comic a whopping total of once, (plus a guest rant), but he’ll be back again in the not-too-distant future (no, not that not-too-distant future!), and maybe his wife, Katgee, as well. The real (and li’l) Mikeegee wishes it to be known that, as a manager, he no longer wears the “monkeysuit” I originally drew him in. The real Bernhard wishes it to be known that this has been rectified.
Picture of Generica goes here!
Generica: Like most fanboys, I’m deathly afraid of real women, so I had to invent one.
Actually, she was accidentally designed when I tried to draw Katgee with no photo reference. I decided that, since there were no women in the strip yet, she’d become my generic female character. I’m hoping to eventually either develop her more or introduce more well-rounded female characters and slowly phase her out. And maybe I’ll just flap my arms and fly to the moon (no, not
that! It’s a reference to this). Such as she is, Generica is a friend of Jeff and Bernhard and has long since gotten used to their occasional and frequent fannish excesses, respectively. She is somewhat of a fangirl, and often stops by the Fanboys’ place to watch some anime or play some video games, but is nowhere near their level of obsession dedication. She may even have one of those “life” things I keep hearing about. She is definitely not, repeat, not dating either of them. I don’t have a girlfriend, so I see no reason why a fictional version of myself should fare any better. Any subtle (or not-so-subtle) references to breasts in this description were totally coincidental - get your mind out of the gutter!

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